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Here you will find recordings to listen to on your own. We provide Spotify playlists and Apple Music links to specific albums. They are grouped either by subject or composer.

Choose a few of the composers or topics that interested you and listen through the albums. It’s good to listen to complete albums, primarily because those who were putting the albums together grouped the music that way intentionally.

We also provide links to purchase CDs of the music on Amazon. In some instances, recommended albums or box sets are not available on streaming services, but might be something you want in your library.

If you want to dig deeper into Renaissance music, there is a wealth of incredible material available for you.

The Essential Tallis Scholars – 2 CDs | Includes a variety of Renaissance songs by more composers | AmazonApple Music


The Tallis Scholars: Renaissance Radio | An even larger collection of Renaissance hits


Only Available on CD

The Hilliard Ensemble: Renaissance Music – England, Italy, Spain, Mexico – 6 CDs | Amazon

The Hilliard Ensemble: Renaissance and Baroque Music – 7 CDs | Amazon

Tallis Scholars Sing English MadrigalsApple Music


Tallis Scholars Sing Josquin – 2 CDs | AmazonApple Music


Tallis Scholars Sing Palestrina – 2 CDs | AmazonApple Music


Monteverdi: L’Orfeo – John Eliot Gardiner & Monteverdi Choir (1987) – 2 CDs | AmazonApple Music


Tallis Scholars Sing Thomas Tallis – 2 CDs | AmazonApple Music


Tallis Scholars Sing William Byrd – 2 CDs | AmazonApple Music


William Byrd: The Great Service