My Compass Classroom is an online learning and social community site for homeschoolers built by Compass Classroom.

My Compass Classroom was built to give a better experience for customers of Compass Classroom online courses and for the broader homeschool community to communicate and learn from each other.

Our Premium Membership allows sharing of the courses with 4 additional family members.

Here’s a video overview, showing the steps:

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To setup sharing, follow these steps:

Step 1: Students should create free accounts on mycompassclassroom.comRegister. If they don’t have an email address, you can skip this step and go to step 2.

Step 2: Parent should login to their account on mycompassclassroom.com and go to the Family Sharing Dashboard. You can find it on the left sidebar of MyCompassClassroom.

Step 3: There are two ways to share courses. Option 1: If you already created an account for your child, just enter the email address in the ‘Add Additional Children’ email box and click the ‘Add Child’ button.  Option 2: If they don’t have an email address you can create an account for them that will be linked to your email address using the section with the heading ‘Add additional children without email’. After filling out these forms, click the ‘Add Child’ button.

Step 4: Login to the students email account to click the confirmation link to connect the accounts. 

Step 5: Now you’ll want to assign courses to your children, just click the ‘Expand’ button next to a course and use the dropdown to select the student’s name, then click ‘Link’.Once the student is linked to a course, go ahead and have them sign into their mycompassclassroom.com account, then access their courses by selecting the ‘ My Courses‘ tab on the top left menu.

As a parent, you can use the ‘Student Progress Reports’ tab on the Family Sharing Dashboard to see how your students are progressing and any quiz scores they have received.

Let us know if you have any issues with this system as it’s still quite new!

To manage your subscription, including payment information, log into your account on compassclassroom.com. All payment is managed in your dashboard.

If you’re having issues streaming videos on our site, you’ll want to try a few things to get back to work. Try the following:

  1. Check your security/ad blocker settings on your browser.  Make sure to whitelist mycompassclassroom.com, and ‘*.swarmcdn.com’. (Make sure to include the * symbol.)
  2. Do you use OpenDNS for content filtering?  Make sure to whitelist ‘mycompassclassroom.com’ and ‘*.swarmcdn.com’. (Make sure to include the * symbol.)
  3. Try a different web browser. (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  4. Try emptying your browser cache.  Here are directions for each browser: Safari (Mac or iPhone), ChromeFirefoxMicrosoft Edge.
  5. Try a different device (Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet)’
  6. Try a different location or connection (Try over cell phone data or another wifi connection in a different location)

If you’re trying to use a Smart TV with a web browser app, you may run into issues because these browsers are often not updated to the latest standards and security. Unfortunately, we can’t provide support for these devices, as the TV manufacturers need to keep their software up-to-date.

You can choose which notification emails you receive related to your activity on MyCompassClassroom on your profile notifications page.

The most direct way to find them is by searching their email address via the magnifying glass button on the menu bar.

We are always looking for parents who want to moderate our existing groups or start a new group.  Please send us a note to let us know what you’d like to do.

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