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In this class, Thomas Purifoy will explore some of the greatest epics and books written in the history of the world. Thomas is an author and teacher who studied English and Creative Writing at Vanderbilt University. He takes a special interest in understanding the way literature functions, as well as how we write about it.

This course explores the perennial theme of man trying to achieve happiness in spite of the difficulties of life. It involves heavy reading, and will include either entire books or sections from The Odyssey, Augustine’s Confessions, The Divine Comedy, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Hamlet, Paradise Lost, Pride & Prejudice, Heart of Darkness, and important British poets.

Regular writing assignments included local students presenting papers publicly to the class in a seminar-style setting, in addition to regular discussion.

This course is part of the Compass Lectures Series where veteran teachers are filmed as they teach in an actual classroom. Purchase of this product grants access to videos filmed live in Nashville as well as assignments given to the students attending in person by means of our Learning Management System.  Any homework needs to be graded by students or parents.

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Course Content

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Introduction & Materials

The Odyssey
Augustine's Confessions
The Divine Comedy
Sir Gawain & The Green Knight
Poetry: Shakespeare, Donne, and the Cavalier Poets
Paradise Lost
Pride & Prejudice
Poetry: Romantic
A Tale of Two Cities
Poetry: Victorian
Heart of Darkness
Poetry: Modern

About Instructor

Thomas Purifoy, Jr.

A creative filmmaker who develops unique learning resources intended to advance the Kingdom of God. Thomas helped develop a classical-based curriculum, and taught philosophy, Old Testament, film and history at the American School of Lyon, France. Thomas studied English at Vanderbilt University and is a former Officer in the US Navy. He currently oversees Compass Classroom and Compass Cinema.

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