Age: 14+ High School 1 Full Credit

Modern Literature traces literature from the late Middle Ages to the Cold War. Students will read around fourteen books and short stories as well as write essays containing personal opinion and outside criticism.

The class will meet weekly over Zoom on Tuesdays, from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Central Standard Time, according to the schedule below.

The format will be discussion-based with short lectures focused on historical context. Diagnosing particular literary elements through plot, character, and point of view is an essential aspect of this class. Students will leave the class with a well rounded view of literature, a solid foundation in writing, and a love of books. The course can be used alongside Dave Raymond’s Modernity, but is also structured to stand alone.

Course Requirements:


Assessment and Grading:

All assessments will be conducted live during the weekly Zoom meetings.

Course Format:

The course will consist of live Zoom meetings that will be added to the steps as recordings each week.

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Mary-Pierson Purifoy has completed a history degree and was homeschooled until college. An avid reader and writer, she hopes to teach students to love books, writing, and history as well as a solid understanding of these subjects. Film is another passion as is exploring history through film and literature.

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