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  1. Some people have referred to the ‘grace of law.’ How is law a grace in terms of our economic lives?
  2. How does man’s sin exacerbate a nation’s economic problems, especially those countries that reject God?
  3. What are some specific ways the Ten Commandments are necessary for a healthy economic life?

Multiple Choice

  1. ________ is the problem of a cursed ground that will not naturally provide for man’s needs.
    1. Death
    2. Food
    3. Scarcity
    4. Dust
  2. The cultural mandate and God’s call to stewardship remain, but ____________ prevent us from being able to fulfill them without God’s grace.
    1. our sinful natures
    2. natural laws
    3. our tendencies to exploit others
    4. our premature deaths
  3. The Ten Commandments provide the _______________ necessary for a people to create a community in which they can by stewards under God.
    1. personal ethical standards
    2. cultural and legal framework
    3. elementary rules
    4. economic laws
  4. Civil government is an agency of ________.
    1. taxation
    2. welfare
    3. provision
    4. force
  5. Our ________ ultimately influences our economics.
    1. ontology
    2. teleology
    3. theology
    4. eschatology

Short Answer

  1. Explain why some economic systems tend toward increasing poverty while other systems tend toward decreasing it?
  2. Why is the law so important for economics? For personal liberty?
  3. What are some economic roles the civil government has taken on in the modern world? What does the Bible say (or not say) about those roles?

For Further Study

Basic Economics, 3rd Ed. – Carson & Cleveland – Chapters 3-4

Prosperity and Poverty – Beisner – Chapters 11, 14

Biblical Economics – Sproul – Chapter 9


Multiple choice answers: 1.c 2.a. 3.b 4.d 5.c