History 1: American Facilitated

Facilitated courses are a service for families that want engagement and accountability beyond what our self-paced courses provide. Students use our curriculum (sold separately) and follow a facilitator through discussions and video meetings in a private community. Students can also get questions about coursework answered throughout the week.

Students, parents and facilitators share access to a dashboard of assignments to stay on track and receive feedback on work. Each student you enroll gains access to a discussion board and live video meetings hosted by the facilitator in which students can:

  • ask questions
  • interact with one another
  • present projects, papers, labs, and more
  • review written discussions and recorded meetings any time

Facilitated courses give your student a trusted guide to the course, and give you assistance in tracking completion of assignments.

Facilitation does not include the course videos or books. Curriculum must be purchased separately.


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Mary-Pierson Purifoy has completed a history degree and was homeschooled until college. An avid reader and writer, she hopes to teach students to love books, writing, and history as well as a solid understanding of these subjects. Film is another passion as is exploring history through film and literature.

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Course Includes

  • 32 Lessons
  • 105 Steps

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