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History: Christendom

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  1. 1. Orientation
    10 Steps
  2. 2. Eternity in Operation: The Roman Principate and the New Testament Church
    11 Steps
  3. 3. Imperium sine Fine: The Successions of Rome, Judea, and the Apostolic Church
    11 Steps
  4. 4. The World That Died in the Night: Christianity, the Church Fathers, and the Transformation of Culture
    11 Steps
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Complete Exam #4.

  1. Why did Christianity spread so rapidly and thoroughly in the known world? What was attractive about it?
  1.  List at least five regions where Christianity existed by the end of the second century A.D.?
  1. How did Christianity promote freedom of religion, or how did it promote obedience to and limitation of government?
  1. How did Christianity promote charity?
  1. How did Christianity change slavery?
  1. How did Christianity change the role of women and the view of marriage?
  1. How did Christianity promote the sanctity of life?
  1. What was the worldview of Marcus Aurelius? How was it empty or hollow, compared to Christianity?
  1. How did Justin Martyr defend the faith?
  1. Who were the Gnostics? What did they teach?
  1.  Briefly describe the life and work of either Irenaeus of Lyon, Origen of Alexandria, or Tertullian of Carthage.
  1. List the five patriarchates.