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History: Christendom

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  1. 1. Orientation
    10 Steps
  2. 2. Eternity in Operation: The Roman Principate and the New Testament Church
    11 Steps
  3. 3. Imperium sine Fine: The Successions of Rome, Judea, and the Apostolic Church
    11 Steps
  4. 4. The World That Died in the Night: Christianity, the Church Fathers, and the Transformation of Culture
    11 Steps
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Complete Exam #2.

  1. How is theology the measurement of “eternity in operation,” according to Charles Williams? Which historical events were the disciples primarily concerned with giving testimony to?
  2. Name one fact about the reign of either Emperor Tiberius or Emperor Caligula.
  3. What does the name Pentecost mean?
  4. How is Pentecost the beginning of the church? What did Christians receive at Pentecost?
  5. Describe three or more characteristics of the early church, according to Acts.
  6. Who was Stephen? Why was he martyred?
  7. Name one fact about the reign of either Emperor Claudius or Emperor Nero. 
  8. Who was James the Just? Why was he called “Old Camel Knees?”
  9. How was Paul prepared to address Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultures?
  10. What was decided by the Council of Jerusalem?
  11. What kinds of trials did Paul face on his missions?
  12. Choose one of the twelve Apostles. Define the meaning of his name and describe his missionary work.