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History: Antiquity

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  1. 1. Orientation
    12 Steps
  2. 2. Imago Dei: Creation
    12 Steps
  3. 3. The Two Cities: The Fall & Two Lineages
    11 Steps
  4. 4. Look On My Works, Ye Mighty: Babel & Mesopotamia
    11 Steps
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  1. Read Genesis 10-11:1-9, the Nam Shub of Enki, and “The Legend of Sargon.”
  2. Write a short essay or discuss with your instructor the following questions: How does Sargon compare to Nimrod? To Moses?

SELECTION: Genesis 10-11:1-9

SELECTION: The Nam Shub of Enki.

Once upon a time, there was no snake, there was no scorpion, There was no hyena, there was no lion,
There was no wild dog, no wolf,
There was no fear, no terror,
Man had no rival.

In those days, the land Shubur-Hamazi,
Harmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the me of princeship, Uri, the land having all that is appropriate,
The land Martu, resting in security,
The whole universe, the people well cared for,
To Enlil in one tongue gave speech.
Then the lord defiant, the prince defiant, the king defiant,
Enki, the lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy, The lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
The leader of the gods,
The lord of Eridu, endowed with wisdom,
Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
Into the speech of man that had been one.

SELECTION: The Legend of Sargon of Akkadê.

Sargon, the mighty king, king of Akkadê am I,
My mother was lowly; my father I did not know;
The brother of my father dwelt in the mountain.
My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the bank of the Purattu [Euphrates],
My lowly mother conceived me, in secret she brought me forth. She placed me in a basket of reeds, she closed my entrance with bitumen,
She cast me upon the rivers which did not overflow me.
The river carried me, it brought me to Akki, the irrigator.
Akki, the irrigator, in the goodness of his heart lifted me out, Akki, the irrigator, as his own son brought me up;
Akki, the irrigator, as his gardener appointed me.
When I was a gardener the goddess Ishtar loved me,
And for four years I ruled the kingdom.
The black-headed peoples I ruled, I governed;
Mighty mountains with axes of bronze I destroyed (?).
I ascended the upper mountains;
I burst through the lower mountains.
The country of the sea I besieged three times;
Dilmun I captured (?).
Unto the great Dur-ilu I went up, I……
……I altered……
Whatsoever king shall be exalted after me,

Let him rule, let him govern the black-headed peoples;
Mighty mountains with axes of bronze let him destroy;
Let him ascend the upper mountains,

Let him break through the lower mountains;
The country of the sea let him besiege three times; Dilmun let him capture;
To great Dur-ilu let him go up.