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History: Antiquity

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  1. 1. Orientation
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  2. 2. Imago Dei: Creation
    13 Steps
  3. 3. The Two Cities: The Fall & Two Lineages
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  4. 4. Look On My Works, Ye Mighty: Babel & Mesopotamia
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2.6 – Project 1: Creation Week (2 min video)

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For the Creation Week Project, students complete and present an artistic rendering or representation of all seven days in the creation week.

Students are to carefully read and reread the account of the creation week, taking notes about its events, order, and significance. Students must then choose a medium in which to represent or imitate the seven days of creation.

Media may vary greatly. For example, a student could choose to make seven paintings, drawings, or watercolors that individually represent each day. Or a student could write seven individual poems or a longer work that details and praises each day of creation. Additionally, a student could create a model of the seven days, illustrate a children’s book of the seven days, design and write a story based on the themes of the seven days, create a musical composition illustrating the seven days, complete a scrapbook, make a photography collage, write a speech based upon the themes of the seven days, etc.

This project should be completed by the end of the seventh lesson. Projects are graded first and foremost on the student’s accuracy in knowing and recreating the order and themes/details of each day of creation. Secondly, projects are graded on quality, craftsmanship, diligence, and ambition. These projects should be done well and be presented in permanent materials, i.e., ink instead of pencil, art paper instead of notebook/computer paper, etc. Thirdly, students are graded on their ability to present and explain their project and how it represents or imitates each day of creation specifically. Finally, students are graded on their presentation skills.