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The goal of this class is to get you to an intermediate or advanced beginner reading level in Spanish. By the end of the course, I would like you to have the ability to read the New Testament in Spanish.

Everything you need to learn Spanish will be part of this courseware on Compass Classroom. However, I’ve added some bells and whistles through my own Web site which are available for your (free) use as a Compass customer. Look for access instructions in the next step.

Homework is going to essentially be the same thing every week.

  • Read the textbook chapter we are in. For example—if we are in chapter 3, read chapter 3.
  • Listen to the New Testament in Spanish. This will give you a pronunciation reference.
  • Take the tests which will be linked to lessons as PDFs with a key. Alternatively, take the tests on my site which will grade them immediately.

Of course, there are many other things you can do.  I have been studying languages most of my life and have discovered lots language learning tips.  I will share these tips with you in class.

But, you need to remember this.  Most learners, and many teachers way underemphasize the tremendous power of reading.  If you don’t do anything else, read.  Read the book.  Read the chapters each week.  And, then read them again.  And again.

As the Romans used to say, repetition is the mother of memory.  Read.  Read.  Read.