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As a student in this Compass Lectures class, you are welcome come to the daily classes on my site.  Send an email to me at [email protected] and I will get you set up with a subscription on my site.  This will give you access to the previous classes, the forums and the upcoming tests.  After I receive your email request, it may take a day or two for you to gain access.

I teach Spanish every weekday morning on my site, using the same material I teach in this Compass Lectures course. So, if you want to come to class in the mornings, that’s an option. To join the live classes each weekday morning, simply click here.

During the Compass Lectures on Wednesdays, we cover major grammar points from the book, Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish. It’s available from Amazon. Just click the title: Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish. There is also a free downloadable version available.

On my site, we meet every weekday morning to do the same thing. Only we actually go into a bit more detail and the students read along with me. This gives them a chance to practice with Spanish five days a week, rather than just one.

To find the recordings of the Spanish classes, go to the members tab above, click “watch anytime” and then click “Spanish”.

Currently I am teaching the Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish book. Soon I will be adding All Spanish Method by Guillermo Aviles.