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Lesson 6 Quiz

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Lesson 6 Quiz

You must complete all 20 questions in order to mark the quiz Complete. Your progress is saved automatically. This enables you to review and check answers if you so desire.

You are welcome to use your notes to help you answer these questions. You should work all problems on your own paper.

You may continue the course with the score you receive, or retake the quiz an unlimited number of times. Your goal on these quizzes is to master material that builds on previous knowledge, not aim for a certain score.

Here’s how to take the quizzes in this course:

  1. Download the quiz and print it out.
  2. Work out all the problems on the quiz paper, showing your work. Use additional paper if you need more space.
  3. Box your answers on paper.
  4. Grade your work.
    • If you, a parent, or tutor are grading your work as well as your answers, then refer to the key for this assignment contained in the Course Materials download.
    • If you want this website to score your answers, follow these steps:
      • Click Start Quiz on the next page and you will be prompted to enter your answers.
      • Review the accuracy of your work by clicking View Questions once you submit the quiz. If you want to see the problems worked out, you will need to refer to the key contained in the Course Materials.

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