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Quizlet is a website for practicing vocabulary, used extensively in Visual Latin and Word Up!.

There are two ways it can be accessed:

1. Directly in the course steps through the embedded Quizlet.

The embedded Quizlets are located in the D – Vocabulary Practice steps in Visual Latin and Review & Test steps in Word Up!.


  • Easy access—right in the course LMS.
  • No need for an account.


  • The embed is quite small, so it can be difficult to use, especially on a smaller device or the mobile app. 

2. Via the website.

We recommend that you create your free account and join a class in order to remove all advertisements and obtain full access to practice features. The following are the available classes:


  • Much larger user interface.
  • Detailed stats about your progress (which vocab you’re still learning, which ones you’ve mastered, etc.) You need an account for this.


  • Outside a class in a free account, there are ads, and some practice features are limited. (Test and Learn can only be used once, for example.)
  1. Use the dropdown button on the bottom right to choose the study method. We recommend trying them all to ensure you understand the content.
  2. Choose the ‘test’ method and complete the test before moving on to the next lesson.
If you have problems with this embedded quiz, you can also find them all here: quizlet.com