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There are a lot of free video hosting services out there, with YouTube being the most well-known. Vimeo is another service that generally is regarded as the place independent filmmakers post their videos.

Why is this? Vimeo isn’t as cluttered as YouTube since there are rules to posting, the most important of which is only original content can be used on Vimeo.

You are welcome to use any hosting account you want for this class. All you need to be able to do is supply a link that people can click on to see your film. If you want to use Vimeo, however, here’s how to do it:

Setting up a basic account is easy (and free). Go here to set one up.

You can take a look at their Basics Page where they explain how to upload videos, share links, etc.

Vimeo has an upload limit to the free account (500MB per week/1 HD video), as well as a few other limitations. But that shouldn’t pose a problem to the class. If you do want to upgrade, there is a Plus account (but, again, it’s not necessary for the class).