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Research & Projects: Renaissance (Optional)

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Choose one of the following prompts and write a short response (1/2-1 page):

  • Research one of the ecclesiastical (church) locations where a performance of a work from this lesson would take place. How is it different from most churches today? How did church vocal music take advantage of the features of this building?
  • There is a lot of Latin in the music from this lesson. (And there will be more…) Write a short description of why this is the case during the time period of this lesson.


Develop one of the following with your parent/teacher into a project of appropriate scope:

  • Renaissance composers
    • Writing: Discover a contemporary composer in a country not covered in this lesson. How did his music compare? Who or what influenced his compositions? Who were the equivalents to minstrels, troubadours, or minnesingers in his homeland?
    • Art: Create a portrait, bust, or collage of one of the composers studied in this lesson.
  • Renaissance instruments
    • Writing: Explain the invention and operation of any instrument discussed in this lesson. Compare its sound and that of a contemporary instrument from a country not discussed in the lesson.
    • Art: Create a “how-to” poster, infographic, or other presentation of the way to make music on an instrument.

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