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In one respect, both Handel and Bach have been best known through the history of music for their vocal music. As a result, there are many excellent recordings of their works. Handel’s Messiah has an enormous number of representative examples. I will therefore include my favorite selection, but will also include a number of additional options beneath if I feel like it is necessary.

For example, the modern movement toward playing music with ‘original’ instruments (that is, actual instruments from the period or reproductions) along with using historically informed styles means that the music can sound quite different than playing the same piece with modern instruments and using more traditional styles. I sometimes prefer one over the other, or sometimes I like hearing both.

All to say, Baroque music has representatives in both schools, and I will try to include them both in the playlists.

If you’re coming back to listen, remember that we have steps on how to set up your listening environment and equipmenthow to use music streaming apps and follow our public playlists, and plenty of additional listening exercises to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of this wonderful music.

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