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Sample Lessons - Modernity

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  1. Lesson 1: Orientation
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  2. Lesson 2: The Great Stage: Introduction to the West
    12 Steps
  3. Lesson 3: Ideas Have Consequences: The Enlightenment
    11 Steps
  4. Lesson 4: The Sacred & the Secular: Empires, Pirates, and Rulers
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1.3 — Read Arthur Quiller-Couch Quote

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  1. Read the following quotation by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.
  2. Write a brief essay or discuss with your instructor: What responsibility do we have as students of truth, beauty, and goodness? What should we do with our learning?

SELECTION: Quotation by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.

“You are indeed the heirs of a remarkable legacy—a legacy that has passed into your hands after no little tumult and travail; a legacy that is the happy result of sacrificial human relations, no less than of stupendous human achievements; a legacy that demands of you a lifetime of vigilance and diligence so that you may in turn pass the fruits of Christian civilization on to succeeding generations. This is the essence of the biblical view, the covenantal view, and the classical view of education. This is the great legacy of truth, which you are now the chief beneficiaries.”