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This could be one of the most important studies your son or daughter ever takes. Francis Schaeffer impacted millions of people directly, and hundreds of millions indirectly through other Christian men and women influenced by his teachings.

One of the reasons he was so influential was that he was extremely honest. He addresses problems Christians are facing honestly, and he explains what’s going on in the world honestly. He also was honest in his films and books.

This means a few things:

  • He sometimes shows real images or videos of graphic violence.
  • He sometimes refers to sexual situations.
  • He sometimes shows documentary footage of medical procedures.

If his films had to be given a rating, they would likely be PG, although some are “PG-16.” The same goes for his accompanying book, How Should We Then Live? To help you out, we have identified these PG-16 sections in the writeup before those videos so that you will know what to look for (or avoid).

I personally taught this material to a group of high school students and none of them found the material too adult or too mature; if anything, they found it refreshing that someone spoke honestly about the culture around them. That said, if you are concerned about what might be in these videos, I would encourage you to watch them before showing them.

I hope the Lord uses this material to help teach your children how to navigate an increasingly difficult cultural situation.

Best regards,

Thomas Purifoy, Compass Classroom