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Sample Lessons - American History

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  1. Lesson 1: Orientation
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  2. Lesson 2: The Banner of the Sun (Meso-America)
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  3. Lesson 3: Brave New World (The Early Explorers)
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  4. Lesson 4: The Colossus of Empire (The Colonies)
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3.4—Read The Book of Prophecies

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  1. Read the selection from The Book of Prophecies by Christopher Columbus.
  2. Write a short essay or discuss with your instructor: What was Christopher Columbus’ primary encouragement for his expedition?

SELECTION: From The Book of Prophecies by Christopher Columbus.

I hope to God that when I come back here from Castille, which I intend on doing, that I will find a barrel of gold for which these people I am leaving will have traded, and they will have found a gold mine and spices in such quantities, that within three years the sovereigns will prepare and undertake the reconquest of the Holy Land. I’ve already petitioned your highnesses to see that all the profits of this, my enterprise, should be spent on the conquest of Jerusalem and your highnesses smiled and said that the idea pleased them and that even without the expedition they had an inclination to do it.

The argument I have for the restitution of the Temple Mount to the holy church is simple. I only hold fast to the Holy Scriptures, and to the prophetic citations attributed to certain holy men, who are carried along by divine wisdom. Remember with what cost Spain undertook the reconquest of Granada and with what great reward.

I am motivated by the Scriptures to go on to discover the Indies. I went to the royal court with the intention of entreating our sovereigns to specify revenues, that they might accrue, to be spent on the reconquest of Jerusalem. I must repeat, for the expedition to the Indies, neither reason, nor mathematics, nor cartography were of profit to me in the manner that were the prophecies of scripture. This is what I have to report concerning the liberation of Jerusalem. Be glad, if there be any faith in us, the enterprise is bound for victory.