Reply To: Not enough years to do it all…

  • Ben Crist

    June 6, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    Hi Julie!

    Don’t worry—there is still plenty of time to get your son a great foundation in history from a Christian worldview.

    First, choosing American History was the right call. It’s the most accessible history product we have, has the briefest lessons, and is a concise introduction to what Dave does 😉

    Second, I would look back over his American History year as a family and ask some pacing/sequencing questions. How much of the ancillary assignments (such as readings, exams, projects, portfolios) did you choose for him to do? Would you be willing to cut out some of those in Modernity, Antiquity, or Christendom to get in 3 years of videos into two years of history? For instance, doing Modernity like you did American this year, then doing all the videos, half of the readings, and half of the projects in combining Antiquity and Christendom his senior year?

    Third, is summer study an option?

    Fourth, is there a way to use one of the history courses for elective credit and the other for history credit if you were to double-block him in both Modernity and Antiquity next year?

    Fifth, as you think about these things feel free to ask more questions. We’ll be stopping by here to help!

    Sixth, you should review the video interview with our founder who explains the inception, execution, and intent of Dave’s history series. It’s free to watch here.