Photos/Images for Antiquity Portfolios

  • Photos/Images for Antiquity Portfolios

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  • Jamie

    September 16, 2022 at 11:18 am

    Was wondering if anyone has a resource recommendation for images for my students to use in their portfolios. I have 3 history students and looking online for images when it comes time for portfolios is time-consuming and can be frustrating for all. I was thinking about having printed images available for them to choose from without the searching. Thanks.

  • anorton

    September 22, 2022 at 7:10 am

    We are having the same issue. Also printer ink is going to cost a fortune at this rate. I love the example portfolio pages that are submitted under photos in the group. I would love to see more people upload examples. It would help my kids to see different types of examples that are possible.

  • Ben Crist

    September 27, 2022 at 11:28 am

    While I don’t have a repository of images to share, I can share the tools we use to find images for our projects (including Antiquity). Hope these are more helpful than just searching Google images.

    Start Here

    Artvee: relatively new. Maybe the best? Download hi-res PD artworks from Reijk, Smithsonian, etc.

    Open Image Collections: just found this—looks like a great place to start. you have to use the filters up top to get public domain works

    DuckDuckGo: already set to search Wikimedia Commons

    Public Domain Review: resource posts can be fantastic gems with great images, but a few unsavory items can get focus

    Pixabay: royalty-free stock images

    Unsplash: Freely usable images (Boston PL link example)

    Raw Pixel: high resolution images from antique books, plates and museum collections, each image is 100% copyright free for personal or commercial use. Check out awesome marine life plates, collections by artist, or by the British Library

    Museo: searches PD images from some of the great museum open collections. Writeup here

    Heritage Library: free vintage illustrations

    Images (Fine Arts)

    The MET: search open access images

    Smart History: curated collections of links—similar to our resource pages

    WikiArt: a visual art encyclopedia (search by genre, school, movement)

    Google Arts & Culture: aggregator with hi-res images and some articles

    Art Institute of Chicago: 50k+ works in the public domain

    The Art Story: artists, movements, and works with short descriptions

    James Tissot: high quality

    N.C. Wyeth: a high quality collection

    Images (History)

    National Archives Exhibits: some really useful collections

    National Gallery of Art

    LIFE Photo Archive: iconic American persons, history, and Americana search for images across government Web sites

    Library of Congress: search only for photos

    NYPL Digital Collections: primary sources, images, and more

    Old Maps Online

    Images (Science)

    NASA: official search tool

    Sungate: Scientific events, data, and search tools

    Library of Congress: narrow search to scientific images & videos

    U.S. Agricultural Research Service: use categories for narrow searches

    NASA flickr: NASA hi-res images on flickr

    USGS: U.S. Geological Survey

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